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Dueck Defense is such a great company to order from! The customer service is outstanding and they really went above and beyond in helping me with an order.I wanted to order something for my husband for Christmas. Dueck Defense guided me through the process, as well as rushed a package to me so that he would get it in time! They also responded to me by phone and email. Their support of law enforcement is also very much appreciated, especially in times such as these. Thank you again – top notch company/products and top notch customer service!
Jesica F
I shoot for the Legion Firearms team with Andy Peterson. I live in Los Angeles, CA and the team just returned from NWMG. I wanted to say thank you so much for the offset sights you so kindly supported us with.And let you know how freaking amazing they are! Picking them up is extremely easy and feels almost second nature. I can’t see any reason to ever not use them again in any situation… I help run 2 teams and 2 of the shooters are heavy division shooters and they follow Barry alot. All of our shooters are now using DD offset sights. I just can’t see a reason not too. Keep up the great work guys!
Chris Naganuma
Los Angeles, CA
Just wanted to give you some feed back about your RTS. First let me thank you, ordering from your site was easy and quick, also shipping was great they got to me in no time. Now how about that RTS I love it. I put the sight on my rifle two weeks before a major match. (Texas multi gun) there was really no transition period needed as they are standard AR sights and you feel natural with a slight turn of the rifle your on target. As to the quality of you product one word comes to mind PERFECT, these things are built like a tank. It was also great to see Mr. Dueck at the match kicking some major butt as usual I was about 22 spots behind him in heavy division.

Well thanks again for a great product, also I would love to support you and your products by adding your name on my match shirts with your permission of course.
Doug Inmon
San Antonio, TX
I can’t tell you how excited I was to install your sights on my scoped LMT MRP rifle. It was like Christmas all over again and my wife was laughing while I was staring at the rifle.The ‘RTS’ sights are very high quality and will come in useful for any AR/Rail Type rifle that utilizes magnification along the M1913 Rail. The sights are perfect for far and near targets and can be used as a primary or secondary option, depending on the distance and situation. I also like the flat head screw for mounting as you can use a dime or multi-tool screwdriver in the field to tighten them. The container for the threadlocker was a hit as well. I can’t tell you how many times manufacturer’s supply threadlocker that comes in a small bag pouch and ends up everywhere but the actual threads. Excellent attention to detail and convenience here! The packaging was nice as well. I can’t wait to get these in front of L.E. Departments, 3-Gunners and Military alike. If you can let someone in the U.S. Army Products Procurement Group see these, I am sure they would be highly interested. Thanks again!
Robert Harris
Harris Tactical
A must have for 3 gun shooting. The best back-up sight available anywhere. These sights are so sturdy I put a second set on my SWAT entry rifle.
Keith Garcia
California LE and 3-Gun Competitor
I just installed a set on my LMT Defender and they are bad ass! I have a Leupold AR 3x9 and needed a close range sight system and they more than exceed my expectations.
Ben Gibson
Goldsboro, NC
As a previous machine shop owner, I appreciate the quality, durability and versatility of this product (RTS). After using it for 3-gun shooting, I feel you have designed and manufactured a superior product for the sport.
DuWaine Emmons
Kuna, ID