RTS Installation Guide:

RTS Install

Attach the RTS Sights to any mil spec 1913 picatinny rail. RTS™ sights do not require any special tool for installation.

The flat head screw slot in the sight base will also fit small coins.

Sights can be positioned on either side of the weapon, for right or left handed shooters.

Thread locker is not needed.

RTS™ Installation Steps

  1. Loosen the RTS attachement screw and fit sights on 12 o’clock picatinny rail.
  2. Tighten attachment screw while pushing sight forward against cross slot, until sight has no movement on rail.
  3. Sight is now installed


  1. Bottom out rear sight elevation and back off a few clicks until “Z”: mark is aligned on left side of sight and windages is centered.
  2. Fire three well aimed shots at the center of your target.
  3. Adjust sights to move the center of the 3 round group over your point of aim.
  4. Course elevation adjustments can be made with front sight.
  5. Fire another shot group to confirm “Zero” and adjust further if needed.

Resolution of Sight Adjustments Per Click

M16 M4
Front Elevation 1 1/4 MOA 1 5/8 MOA
Rear Elevation 1/2 MOA 5/8 MOA
Windage 1/2 MOA 5/8 MOA